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Business card included in one introduction e-mail.

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business card?

No worries, now everything can be saved here and easily shared with others!

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Met new colleague? Ask them for an email and send your profiles.  They can easily connect with you, using links in the e-mail!

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Build your own network for the future. Better Contact Book? Here we are!

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No, it's not yet another social network.

Networking like crazy?

Meet-ups, conferences and business fairs are perfect spots to meet new people. As a successful individual we believe you value networking as much as we do.

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a contact's email...

You don't have to ask for all of their social media profiles anymore. Simply ask for their e-mail.

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a detailed introduction email!

Every invited person gets an email with the links to social media profiles of your choice. Now they can easily connect with you!

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